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ASP.NET Performance Check List

October 27, 2009

I found these articles very helpful improve the  Performance  of  our  sites

find out from these articles

then  prepare check list like  as follows:

Check List Status (Done/Not Done) Performance (in %)
Database Side
1.       Use proper indexing
2.        Avoid joints for high density tables
3.       Use SQL profiler to check work load
4.       Use Database Tuning Advisor for analyzing database performance
5. Use NOLOCK select Query for viewing data
6.       Select proper Hardware for running SQL Server
7.       Dot use Cursor
8.       Use Custom Pagination in SQL2005 (Row Count)
9.       Add your own check list
1)       Use Trace log to analyze performance of each function
2)       Turn off View Sate if not required
3) Compressing the View State (GZIP)
4)       Minimize use of Session object and don’t initialize large object like data set to session
5) Enabling HTTP Compression Support in IIS 6
6)       Use proper ASP.NET cache mechanism according to situation
7)       Use light weight controls like repeater replace with grid control and minimize use of controls
8)       Use StringBuilder for Complex String Manipulation
9)       Throw Fewer Exceptions
10)   ValueTypes are far less flexible than Objects  avoid boxing and unboxing
11)   Use generic list
12)   Use proper architecture according to   situation (MVP, MVC, N-tire etc)
13)   Add your own check list

then fill Performance column in the above table